Friday, January 23, 2009


Last time I took Jane to the doctor, Spencer almost punched the nurse! He is VERY protective of his little sister. Plus, Spencer really doesn't like going to the doctor. So, when the nurse measured Jane's head, Spencer tried to stop her. He tried to get between Jane and the nurse and yelled, "Don't!" over and over, with more and more force. I tried to calm him down and talk to him about it, but he was way too worried about Jane. Then the doctor came in and Spencer just glared at him the whole time, with this look of, "If you make one wrong move..." After all of that was over, the nurse came back in to give Jane her shots. Spencer tried to stop her, but eventually came to terms with the fact that he was no match for this nurse. He just hugged my leg and looked so sad. It was pretty heart-breaking.
Since that experience, I was worried about taking all of my kids to the doctor in January (Eliza turned 4, Spencer turned 2, and Jane turned 4 months old). We scheduled Eliza's appointment one week earlier than the other two. She didn't have to have any shots or anything, so it was just a good experience. They had fun in the waiting room, the doctor was nice and fun, the nurse was so nice. Spencer wanted to have a turn at everything (checking weight, height, blood pressure, etc.). They got stickers. It was a real success. I left thinking Spencer was over his fear of the doctor.
So, for the next week, we talked about how fun it is to go to the doctor. The day of Spencer & Jane's appointments, we were all singing and dancing, "Going to the doctor!" Spencer was excited and singing. We got in the car, he's still singing and happy and waving his hands from side to side, "Going to the doctor!" Things are going great.
One block away from the doctor's office, Spencer stops singing mid-sentence, "Going to the..." and yells, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

It was a bit of a struggle, he did alright. He did have to have shots, and he cried...until I let him rip the bandaid off. Turns out, he hates the bandaid more than he hates the doctor. Hopefully, we'll have another year before he has to see the doctor again...

Blah blah blahgging

Well, my sisters have been telling me to make a blog...I warned Meg that it would be "blah". But she said if she's doing it, I have to do it. Okay, okay. So, here's my "Blahg".