Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day, so I decided I could demand family pictures. We just went out back after church, so it's nothing special. But, I am happy to have taken them.

Spencer was hilarious! He begged to have his picture taken. He jumped up on the chair. I asked him to fold his arms. He did. But once I got behind the camera, he put his hand up to his cheek and gave me this pose. Such a good model.

Eliza does not enjoy pictures half as much as Spencer. She kept saying, "Can this please be the last one, Mom?" Poor girl.

Today was just a very special day. I am so glad to be a mother. I am grateful for my mother. She is such a good example of a woman of truth & righteousness. I am grateful that she taught me well.

I am also grateful for Will's mother, that she taught him so well. Will had a pretty busy day today. He sang with a few other guys during sacrament meeting, and then gave a talk about the divinity of motherhood. He made dinner, and really made my day. He is a wonderful husband & father.


I got to take pictures of some young men & women who went to prom last week. It was so fun! It brought back some fun memories--although I am not at all tempted to relive high school. It made me think a lot about the youth. I sure hope there are a lot of teenagers like these ones--trying to make good choices and do what is right.

I am quite scared to have to raise teenagers of my own, but I am so grateful to have the gospel. I can't imaging raising a family in this world without it. I can't imagine how hard every aspect of life would be without having a strong testimony of our Savior, our loving Father in Heaven, and His plan of happiness. I am grateful to have been taught Truth all of my life.

Wedding Photography

I'm obviously not very good--or consistent--at this blogging thing. I'm trying...

I've had a fun & busy picture-taking week.

I love doing weddings. I'm always surprised to hear photographers say they hate doing weddings (people are picky, high stress, things never go according to plan, etc.). I absolutely love it! Everyone looks their best, it's the happiest day of their lives, etc.

I also love it when I get to take pictures at temple weddings.
I love the temple. I love to take pictures of and at the temple. It is wonderful.

I also love to give newlyweds their prints. I know they will treasure them forever. Have I mentioned I LOVE it?